My son has become reclusive

My 18 year old son is a first year university student. In the past three weeks, I have noticed a radical change in him. He is very quiet, sleeps a lot and refuses to go out with his friends. He doesn’t talk much even when I try to talk to him about these changes. Despite him saying he is okay, I know that he is not fine. I am hoping he will get back to normal but I just feel that it is getting worse. Can you guide me on the way forward please?

Hoping that he will get better is not good enough. I think he needs an urgent consultation with your medical practitioner. Your doctor will complete a medical examination of his present symptoms and guide you with the necessary intervention. In the event that the medical examination is all clear; it is possible that the underlying problem is psychological. Your doctor will then refer your son to a psychologist/psychiatrist for management. The professionals will suggest ways for you to assist and support your son through this challenging period. Ask the professionals the questions so that you can achieve clarity and peace of mind. Also remember, that changes in behaviour always have reasons behind it. It is important to understand these reasons in order to assist the person.

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