Son’s arrest for father’s death: A blow to newly married couple

Dilshana Durgaparsad and Jibraeel Mohideen were recently married but now face time apart since his arrest

The horrific murder of father-of-two Ashraf Tajoodeen allegedly at the behest of his only son Jibraeel Mohideen, has left a wake of emotional destruction amongst the family.
Several years ago Tajoodeen’s wife and the mother of his twin children died from cancer leaving the businessman to raise the family and in particular provide care to his special-needs daughter suffering from Down’s syndrome.
With the murder of her father and the arrest of her brother, the 26-year-old daughter now has no immediate family to care for her and is now entirely dependent on relatives.
However Mohideen’s newly married wife Dilshana Durgaparsad is also reeling from the tragedy and may face the prospect of spending what should have been the couple’s happiest moments, alone, should her husband be convicted of murder and sentenced to a lengthy jail term.
Public Eye tried contacting Durgaparsad at her place of employment but she did not report to work yesterday (Wednesday).
In the wake of the shocking arrest of Mohideen and his alleged involvement in the murder of his father, family and friends have been attempting to piece together information that may explain and help them come to terms with the tragedy.
“We are all further devastated by what has happened. As much as we may have theories as to what went wrong no-one knows the truth but Mohideen and he must be given the opportunity to tell the court what happened. He was and is a dear friend to many of us. All we do know is that he loved his father, his sister and his wife Dilshana dearly. In fact as a couple they experienced many challenges and I only hope Mohideen is able to provide some explanation for what has happened,” said a close friend of the ex-Carter High pupil.

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