BREAKING NEWS: Son convicted of father’s murder

Dilshana Durgaparsad and Jibraeel Mohideen were recently married but now face time apart since his arrest

Jibraeel Mohideen, 26, has just been convicted in the Pietermaritzburg High Court of killing his father Mohamed Ashraf Goolam Tajoodeen Mohideen, a well-known businessman who ran Lee’s Auto Sales.

Jibraeel was arrested last week after he confessed to his father’s murder. His co-accused Zandisile Protas Mtshali also confessed to the murder and was convicted.

They two will be sentenced at 3pm today (Wednesday).

Jibraeel, in his confession, that was handed in at court said he and his father had a strained relationship and their most recent disagreement in January arose over his marriage to a non-Muslim lady.

“Our most recent disagreement arose over my marriage, through religious rites (Nikkah) to a non-Muslim girl, which disgusted my father. He did not allow me to live with my wife, who continued to live with her family because of my father’s stubbornness. In January, we had a heated argument over his refusal to accept my wife,” said Jibraeel, in his confession.

He said further that the family’s domestic worker, Emily Mchunu (a co-accused) overheard the arguments and offered a solution by having Mohideen snr killed.

“She was sympathethic to my plight and we often commiserated with each other following disagreements with my father. I told Emily it would have been better if I did not have a father. She claimed to know how to make it happen and when I asked her for clarity, she said that she knew someone who could kill my father,” said Jibraeel.

More to follow in an updated story.

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