The DA strikes back

The DA’s mayoral candidate for Msunduzi Mergan Chetty responds to Singh’s decision to quit the DA and the allegations he makes.
“Firstly Cllr Singh failed to meet the standard to be retained as a councillor for the 2016 local government elections. 2016. He was red flagged by the party due to his poor performance. This decision was taken with regards to his performance over his five year period. The DA strives to ensure that we do not reward incompetency
“The fact that Cllr. Singh states his resignation is with effect from 1 July, 2016 and him not resigning with immediate effect, exposes that he lacks the courage of his convictions. Why has he not resigned with immediate effect? His move smacks of self interest
“Singh’s resignation from the DA must be seen in the light that he failed to qualify as an aspirant candidate for the DA in the upcoming LGE. This is a case of sour grapes!!!
“His comments blaming the DA for failed Service Delivery, exposes Singh’s incompetence regarding how the municipality functions, as he apportions blame to the DA for service delivery failures and not the corrupt ANC municipality. This further vindicates the DA’s decision not to return Singh as a Councillor.
“Singh fails to comprehend that as the opposition, the DA’s role is to hold the municipality accountable to the electorate. Will Singh be able to list his gains in the area aside from a speed hump outside his private residence?
“Singh’s comments regarding prepaid parking meters, again indicates his incompetence to comprehend issues at council level that have serious impact on our residents. Media articles, as well as council minutes, will support the DA’s stance against the parking saga.
“It is ironic that Singh does not believe that I am not the ideal DA mayoral candidate, for he, himself was one of the delegates that voted for me as his preferred candidate. He also attended a function in support of #ChettyForMayor. It is common knowledge that Councillor Singh favored himself to be nominated as mayoral candidate, but having failed to garner sufficient support, his mayoral aspirations were shattered,” commented Chetty.

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