We must defend the ANC from those who seek to corrupt our legacy

Roshan Jainath

People, especially the poor, deserve quality service delivery. The challenge of course is that opposition parties are exactly that – the opposition. The ANC will remain the party of choice for the majority of citizens and understandably so given it led the liberation of SA from apartheid and produced some of the continent’s greatest leaders and heroes.
South Africans want change. They want better service delivery and they want it from the ANC. So the challenge is to reclaim the ANC from within. Root out the opportunistic elements and reclaim our collective pride in the organisation that produced the likes of Albert Luthuli, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela, Kader Asmal, AS Chetty, Chota Motala et al.
On the back of a call made by Pravin Gordhan to protect the national treasury, I personally think that the quality of an ANC branch depends on the quality of the activists. At a local level this means that citizens and activists must join an ANC branch and transform the branch into a pressure group that must agitate for clean governance, period.
This is in order to respond to the challenges facing our city and the overtly corrupt practices of a few in council who wish to seize power to pursue the gains of power.
If we start at a local level we have the power to ensure we can reclaim our legacy and ultimately reflect our values at all spheres of governance.
The truth of the matter is that people are upset, frustrated and angry at poor service delivery.
The DA’s mayoral candidate,  Mergan Chetty placed a credible article in the Public Eye which highlighted the political shenanigans at the City Council and its impact on the stability at city hall. My point of departure lies with the impractical suggestion that the DA will win and sort out the problems. They won’t win and the problem won’t be resolved in the Msunduzi region by the DA.
I believe activist driven ANC branches that can facilitate progressive discourse and the ensuing solutions can manifest change within the ANC.  If we can bring activists back to branches in the Northern areas including wards 28, 29, 30 and 31 – we can ensure the at this level at least, the ANC is led by credible, respected leaders who value integrity then we can reach out to broader society. As we celebrate our Gandhi’s legacy we are reminded that we can be the change we want to see.
It is time patriots and activists unite around a common vision to protect our constitution from unscrupulous politicians and to protect politicians from themselves. We need to fight back and protect the ANC. We need to reclaim our collective legacy.
Accountability to a high moral standard is in our hands. Heed the call of Pravin Gordhan. Do not lament later if our inaction allows plunder to prosper. The clarion call of the Freedom Charter resonates as loudly today as it did then and that call is for us to reclaim the ANC by joining a local branch and ensuring our voices are not silenced.

Roshan Jainath

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