Sour grapes from Govender

The DA youth wing runs a fully fledged youth programme that results in intensive leadership programmes , some involving youth travelling abroad. That the ANC gives bursaries and looks after the indigent via a said policy and dishes out social grants needs to be well understood. There is no ANC money for the nation, nor government money. All the money is taxpayers’ money. Just about 15% of South Africans are taxpayers and it is trusted that Govender reads into this and comprehends that he was not the recipient of an ANC bursary; the latter would have come from Luthuli house per se.

Honourable Chetty is striving to win the elections to save our city from ANC mismanagement and conspicuous corruption inter alia in fighting for tenders, all impacting on Msunduzi residents. What is so selfish and why a personal agenda? It was the very same DA that Govender is denouncing that secured him employment when he went cap in hand to a DA ward councillor. A year ago the same Govender went to attack me in Public Eye and a few months later was acknowledging my worth after the Anti Drug Forum was in the making!

The public needs to know that Govender, the recipient of “an ANC bursary” was an Agang card carrying member, then joined the DA until about March. He applied to be a DA councillor and failed to meet the party’s fitness for purpose criteria- hence his moaning must be comprehended in this environment. He is now disappointed that he featured nowhere on the ANC list and perhaps desperate for employment as an ANC ward assistant hence his praise singing. If there was any merit in Govender’s letter he would have gladly been referred to as a bard with a Violin (pardon the pun), however, his political party hopping labels him as nothing but an opportunist who failed to even secure the CPF chair!

The DA is emerging as the best opposition to the ANC and for democracy to survive this is the healthiest sign.

Proudly DA
Jay Jugwanth

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