My campaign is about issues not personal attacks

Bryan Rupram

I took this proposition to the ward 30 ANC branch workshop where the idea of focusing on local issues as an election strategy was adopted. The slogan:  “Bryan Rupram – At the heart of local issues”, was born.
Many amazing people gave new insights to community issues and, 6 key issues emerged.

1. Safety – It was suggested that cameras be installed in key strategic areas and that a partnership with a municipality-backed enterprise should emerge as a 3 year plan. It was argued that community policing forums are more often a battleground for political influence. Strange how Business Against Crime is more a beneficiary of council spending than ordinary residents.  Business owners are more likely to be affluent yet residents are required to foot the bill for their own security. Against this back drop it was resolved that cameras be installed first, outside all schools in ward 30, and then in key strategic areas in the ward. This is a novel idea that needs expert project management and, sustainable partnerships to ensure that the technology serves the communities.

2. Poverty Alleviation – This is my personal favourite. I always felt that the ANC is the party of the poor. The ANC has faced enormous challenges recently but, by and large, it is the grant and indigent policies that speak to the very heart of the poor. I have completed 300 indigent applications, as a volunteer, over the last 2 months and, I do believe that the ANC will expand its social development programme to unemployed youth next year. The workshop was unanimous in its resolution that poverty alleviation is the core value of the ANC.

3. Fighting Substance Abuse – Perhaps if one wants to understand the root cause of crime it boils down to being a combination of poverty and substance abuse. Drug-induced crimes affect all population groupings. This disease can enter your home when you least expect such an intrusion. Potentially, it tears families apart. I am committed to organising local NGO’s to lead the fight against substance and family abuse. I am  a man of Congress traditions and old struggle values. My team however, is a team with a new vision for ward 30. I have been a member of Love to Live for a better part of 16 years and this particular resolution of the workshop is very close to my heart.

4. Fully Manned Help and Advice Centre – Access to one’s councillor is a critical part of a relationship between the elected councillor and the voter. It forms the basis of trust and talks to the integrity of the councillor. Caring and listening to people who are in many instances helpless, is the first step in restoring the dignity of such a person. Yet again, I am retired and I have both time and lots of empathy. I also have a vision to work with the community together with the ANC, to develop self-awareness on how best the community can find solutions for a better life for itself.

5. Protea Centre Revitalisation Programme – Is the Protea Sports Complex a white elephant? Yes, it serves a few sport fanatics and yes a lot of people simply walk on the grounds for a healthier lifestyle. The question remains – is the Protea Sports Complex properly utilised for youth development? Re-igniting a culture of sport development and recreation at Protea grounds will open the doors for youth activities that can enhance the emotional and physical growth of such youth. I am often referred to as  a sporting stalwart and I have the capacity and expertise to galvanise youth programmes for youth development in partnership with the ANC led municipality. This is an exciting project that simply must not fail.

6. Projects and Maintenance – Thabo Mbeki famously discussed a SA with two  nations. One is rich and the other is destitute. More than the poverty, it is the widening gap of rich and poor which is scary. The Msunduzi Integrated Development Programme or IDP, will be utilised to develop housing and infrastructure in Ezinketheni and, to ensure sustainable maintenance and development in the rest of ward 30. The relocation of three informal settlements will happen in the next 3 years as per the IDP.  I am committed to a plan which is driven by my branch. Development is part of the African experience both in patience and hope. As a branch, the ANC dare not fail this local community which embraces the ANC as it’s own. I am merely an extension of this family of cadres. I like to think that I epitomise a fiery but very loving human spirit.
So it is with humility that I ask you to vote for my vision. I ask you to vote for the correction of the issues that affect you. Local elections are less about national leaders and the normal discourse of hate. It is about me and you and the difference we can make, together.  Driven to deliver I am at the heart of local issues.

Bryan Rupram
ANC candidate councillor, 2016 local government election.

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