Chengerney Rajagopaul ….. A Technicals FC Stalwart

Rajagopaul epitomised the concepts of seva and uBuntu, and his entire life was dedicated to the service and upliftment of his community in the spheres of civic, community and social work, culture and religion, education and sport. He made history at the tender age of 15 when he became a member of the Aryan Benevolent Society, servicing this association as the Vice-President and later as the President. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the Sunlit Gardens Home for Children.

Rajagopaul was a founder member of the Deepavali Cheer Society, an organisation that, over decades, brought cheer to the many disadvantaged members of our community. He also served as the Vice-President of the Pietermaritzburg & Districts Indian Funeral Society, which provided free funeral services for the indigent people.

His involvement and contribution to sport was legendary and formidable. His involvement with Technicals FC is well-documented. He served the Midlands District Football Association as a council member, Vice-President and President. He was a delegate to the Natal Indian Football Association, and was honoured with the Presidency in 1957. He also served as a delegate to the South African Soccer Federation.

Rajagopaul was also the Vice Chairperson of the Natal Indian Lawn Tennis Association and a councillor of the South African Indian Lawn Tennis Association. He was a founder member of the Natal Darts Union, and was appointed Patron of the South African Darts Board of Control.

In his association with the Maritzburg Indian Technical Institute, Rajagopaul played a key role in introducing technical classes for both children and adults at the HYMA. He also served on the advisory board of the M L Sultan Technical College. His contribution to the cause of education is illustrated by the fact that he was the Chairperson of the Education Committees of four different schools in Pietermaritzburg.

Rajagopaul’s contribution to religion is testimony to his belief that religion is a way of life and that service to God is service to man. He was the founder member of the Siva Nyana Sabha, the Raisethorpe Tamil Educational Society, the Northdale Tamil Institute and the the South African Tamil Federation. He served as the Patron of the Ramakrishna Cenre.
In the field of community work, Rajagopaul was a founder member of the Pietermaritzburg Ratepayers and Residents Association, the Combined Ratepayers Association and the Pietermaritzburg Municipal Employees Association.

Meanwhile, Technicals FC’s coaching clinic, for both girls and boys from 6-12 years, at the Woodlander Club Grounds has become a huge success. For more information , please contact either Colin Govender (0829065211), Krish Naidoo (0828791120) or Keith Abrahams (0824791579).

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