Uproar over Lotus FM DJ’s resignation

Neville Pillay

Many who listen to the station seemed to think so in the past week following the abrupt resignation of Pillay who presented the daily Morning Rush programme.
Last Thursday listeners were surprised when Pillay announced that he was resigning from the station with immediate effect. Several questions were raised and then a day later Pillay, posting on his FB page, bared all regarding his resignation. Pillay attributed his departure to an attack on him by the station’s marketing manager Randeer Balbadan.
“There was no controversy on my part, I didn’t steal, I didn’t attack anyone or anything of the sort. During our meeting last Thursday I questioned Santosh Beharie (programmes manager) on the state of the studio. “It’s in poor shape, almost nothing works and it’s held together by sticky tape. When I asked him what’s to be done, the marketing manager (Randeer Balbadan) interjected – he said you guys don’t deserve any new equipment because you put your feet up on the desk and eat in the studio. I agree. I do put my feet up on the desk every now and then, but I said, we don’t eat in the studio. He then proceeded to tell me, “I will f*&^%$# cut you down to size, you hear me”.
“I was shocked because up to this point I’ve had nothing but good relations with this guy, never once had a run in with him since he started there a short while ago. I even had to confirm with my colleagues that he was talking to me,”said Pillay in his post.
Admitting that he felt threatened Pillay said he did not want his job back.
“I immediately thought of my two little girls – what if this guy actually does physically beat me up? I literally feared for my life. Never in my entire radio career has anyone in management spoken to me that way. That’s when I made the immediate decision to walk out, I didn’t respond to him. Alvin Pillay just stood by and watched and never intervened. What a hypocrite Alvin Pillay (station manager) is , as he was too quick to fire Fahim, Nash and Lendel for minor transgressions , yet he let his marketing manager speak to me , one of the most loyal and consistent jocks, in that manner?” questioned Pillay.
SABC communications this week released a statement confirmed Pillay’s resignation.
“As the SABC we can confirm that Neville Pillay has resigned from LotusFM and his resignation has been accepted. The SABC and LotusFM would like to wish him well in his future endeavours. We are therefore not going to engage in any mudslinging with him in the public domain,” read the statement.
Pillay responded saying he had already “put all that behind me”.
“The SABC has wished me well in my future endeavours and won’t be engaging in any mud- slinging. That’s great. Neither will I. All that’s behind me now,” said Pillay who confirmed he will be taking a “much needed break” .
Listeners, however, felt that this was the final straw for the struggling station.

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