Easter blow for local church

Church member helping to install burglar guards at ransacked church

Even though the church has an alarm system linked to an armed response service, brazen robbers struck twice within a week at the New Life Church in Northdale. The first incident happened in the early hours of Saturday morning and the second late on Tuesday night.
Pastors Daniel Naidoo and Tony Naicker were alerted by ADT security of the robberies and rushed to the church only to find that the intruders have escaped with valuable equipment. The perpetrators are said to have jumped over a concrete wall between the property and a pathway that leads to a neighbouring site 11 informal settlement.
As part of the church’s outreach programme New Life Church runs a weekly feeding programme for the Site 11 residents.
In the first robbery the intruders broke a window to gain access into the church. They tried repeatedly to disarm the security system and then fled with audio-visual and other electrical systems. In the second incident the robbers escaped with a flat screen TV.


Broken pieces on window pane after burglars attempt to enter church

With Easter services fast approaching the church has opted to increase security, installing surveillance cameras, window burglar guards and a better alarm system.
“This is becoming a norm, especially in this area. Theft and muggings are becoming a routine and therefore all preventative measures need to be taken”, said Pastor Naicker.
Apart from dampening the upcoming Easter celebrations the robberies have now placed a financial strain on the church, its congregation and leaders.
“It is distressing that as a church we are a part of the community and we seek to empower those in need yet we are targeted,” said Pastor Naicker adding that he suspects the culprits know the church “inside out”.
“We open our doors to anyone any day, plus the church runs a weekly feeding programme for informal settlement residents from site 11, which makes the church possibly vulnerable to such threats,” Naicker concluded.
Police spokesperson Captain Gay Ebrahim, confirmed the incident and said cases of housebreaking have been opened, investigations of on both matters are still underway. Anyone with information is urged to contact Detective Warrant Officer S.F Mdladla on 033 3879622.

Just over a week ago the Northdale Presbyterian Church was also robbed in similar circumstance suggesting the spate of church robberies may be linked to a gang targeting places of worship.

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Bongeka Sibisi

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