Cleland woman’s rape and robbery ordeal

Police spokesman Sergeant Mthokozi Ngobese confirmed the incident saying the woman was rushed to a local hospital where she was being treated for serious injuries.
The woman’s ordeal unfolded on Friday night as she was at home watching television.
The intruder managed to gain access to the home and confronted the woman at knife-point demanding cash and valuables. Before ransacking the house he forced her into the lounge and raped her.
While ransacking the home the attacker stumbled upon the family’s concealed safe. Using a hammer the robber tried to break open the safe but failed to pry the door open.
In a rage he attacked the woman with the hammer, beating her savagely and causing severe blunt force trauma. After the assault the intruder fled the home taking with him several valuable items.
The matter was reported at Alexander Road Police Station and charges of rape, aggravated assault and robbery have been opened. Sergeant Ngobese confirmed that detectives are hunting down the perpetrator but also appealed for anyone with information to contact the police.
The vicious attack has now cast a shadow of fear in the area amongst residents, particularly those who live alone, that the perpetrator may strike again. Christine Maskill who administers the area’s Crime Watch social media group, says the community is deeply disturbed over the incident but will pull together to increase vigilance.
“Crime levels throughout the city are of concern to residents and this is why our sense of community activism is driving the formation of social media platforms such as Crime Watch to encourage residents to work together and with police and security companies to improve safety and security. Incidents such as this are worrying and we will be encouraging residents especially people who live alone, to take further steps to enhance safety such as arming intruder detection systems (alarms) even while at home,” said Maskill.She said the area that the attack took place was of concern to the group as there appeared to be an influx of unsavoury characters to the area, particularly in some of the complexes nearby
“As we know crime happens throughout the city but as the Crime Watch group for the areas we cover, we are monitoring this area and looking at dynamics that may play a contributing factor,” Maskill added.
Residents of Cleland, Bellevue and Hayfields who wish to join the Crime Watch group can contact Maskill on 083 321 1869.

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