Family’s prayer ordeal

The Singh family with all the empty jewel boxes after two armed masked men robbed them recently

Concluding his daily morning prayer at his backyard shrine at around 4am, Singh, of Linum Place, said he was confronted by two armed masked men who spoke to him in a foreign language after having jumped over a neighbour’s fence, pointing a gun to his head.
“I suddenly felt cold metal at the back of my head, and one of them whispered into my ear in a foreign accent saying that I shouldn’t try to be a hero,” Singh recalled.
While still holding the gun to his head, the masked men forcefully shoved him around telling him to enter the house.
Singh’s wife, Navitha, who was inside the house, was met by the armed robbers and her helpless husband.
“As soon as we entered the house and they saw my wife, they grabbed her and choked her, forced a gun into her mouth, threatening to shoot her if she screamed. With both of us being held at gunpoint, the robbers demanded to know where the family safe was and where all the jewellery was kept,” said a shaken Sanjay.
With no response from either of them, the robbers then proceeded upstairs where the Singh children were still asleep.
“They aggressively shook my 6-year-old grandson and his mother (our daughter) and woke them up, asking for the safe and jewellery. Terrified of what would happen, my daughter pointed to the safe in one of the bedrooms,” he said.
The men then ransacked all the bedrooms and broke open the safe making away with family heirloom jewellery worth more than R130 000, designer watches, cell phones, a Mercedes car key and R1000 from Navitha’s purse.
“The men then made their way to the kitchen back door which they opened easily. It seemed evident that the lock had been manipulated and broken prior to the robbery, “said Sanjay.
Police arrived on the scene after being called by the traumatised family, to find the masked man had fled the area. SAPS spokesperson Gay Ebrahim said that a case of house robbery has been opened and investigations were currently underway.
The Singh family now fear for their safety.
“We don’t feel safe anymore in our own home. We wouldn’t wish this to happen to anyone. Vigilance in our community needs to be emphasised. How many more people must fall victim to this crime? “asked Sanjay.

Bongeka Sibisi

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