Raging fires blanket city in smoke

Emergency services are attending to multiple wild fires that have blanketed some parts of the city in smoke.

More water restrictions on the cards

Current water restrictions could be extended by another year if an appeal by water utility Umgeni Water is accepted.

Thomson urges residents to see value in recycling

Environmental Affairs deputy minister Barbara Thomson visited Eastwood on Saturday to officially hand over trade tools and a bakkie for mobile recycling within the city. 

Heavy rains and blocked drains cause downtown flash flood

Persistent heavy rains flowing into the city’s blocked storm water drains triggered a flash flood downtown on Tuesday evening as store owners battled to keep the rising water from flooding their shops.

Councillor eases ailing pensioner’s burden

An ailing pensioner, who was shocked to receive a whopping electricity bill, eleven months after vacating her flat, finally has something to smile about after a local councillor intervened and had the irregular account written-off

Firemen describe horrific ordeal at Old Prison

Thankful to be alive, firemen, who worked selflessly at yesterday’s Old Prison building fire, give a first hand account of being trapped inside when a concrete slab fell on them.

IEC crunches the numbers

After weeks of frenetic campaigning by political parties and independent candidates contesting the 2016 local government elections, Pietermaritzburg residents joined millions of voters around South Africa yesterday to cast their votes. It’s all down to the wire today as the IEC verifies the numbers from the various polling stations. By most accounts apart from minor…

Women activist Group wins fight for free basic electricity

Thursday was a victorious day for the Electricity Action Group (EAG), who won their six year fight advocating for free electricity to be distributed into poverty stricken households after a settlement was reached by the Msunduzi Municipality and Eskom at the Pietermaritzburg High Court. The EAG consists of a group of elderly women from different…

We must defend the ANC from those who seek to corrupt our legacy

People, especially the poor, deserve quality service delivery. The challenge of course is that opposition parties are exactly that – the opposition. The ANC will remain the party of choice for the majority of citizens and understandably so given it led the liberation of SA from apartheid and produced some of the continent’s greatest leaders…

Provincial housing MEC visits Debi Market

Traders at Debi Market warmly welcomed provincial cabinet MEC for Housing Ravi Pillay when he went walkabout after visiting the ANC’s election kiosk. Pillay listened to the concerns of people he met at the busy market and also praised the traders for their contribution to the local economy. “Some call this an informal economy, but…