Calls for Diwali tolerance

The Midlands Hindu Society has called upon city residents to show tolerance and respect to Hindus who celebrate the auspicious annual celebration of Diwali which is often accompanied with the use of fireworks.

Three day power outage for northern suburbs

The Msunduzi municipality issued a notice on Thursday urging all Northdale residents to be aware that there will be a three day power outage, from Friday, as a result of maintenance that include changing old cables to new 11kV board. 

ATM robbery foiled by quick-thinking security boss

Quick thinking and a keen eye for danger was all it took for local director of KTT Security, Bevil Carey, to nab an ATM card thief before he could get away last Thursday at a Manchester Road shopping centre.

Copesville cab driver attacked next to police station

For most residents, finding refuge near a police station means safety but for 49-year-old Copesville cab driver, Siva Pillay, this was not the case when he was attacked by four armed men last Friday at around 9 pm. 

Suspected drug dealer back in court

Alleged drug dealer, Moses Mncwabe, will remain in custody after his bail application in the Pietermaritzburg court was adjourned on Wednesday.  

Community activist in court again

Pietermaritzburg community activist and businessman Suniel Beharie was once again hauled to court today for trying to apprehend suspected criminals.

“Massage” con-woman sent to jail

A Pietermaritzburg con-woman who preyed on pensioners offering them healing through massage therapy and then ransacking their houses has been sent to jail for 15 years.

Daylight robbery

A video of a brazen thief stealing a car battery in a busy parking lot in broad daylight has surfaced and is being circulated to serve as a warning for car-owners to be vigilant when parking their cars.

Praying Northdale granny beaten by intruder

Just a week after Public Eye reported on a Northdale family’s terrifying ordeal trying to fight-off armed robbers, an elderly woman from Karachi Road says she and her little granddaughter are lucky to be alive after being attacked in her home.